Add Key Signature change at a D.C.

• Mar 6, 2017 - 17:48

Is there a way to add a key signature change at a da capo, without having to add a full measure a the end of the piece?

I'm copying out an printed part that has been partially destroyed. There is a key change at the trio. At the end of the trio, there is a D.C. al fine, and the piece returns to the 'original' key signature. On the original part, there is a continuation of the ledger lines and a 'return' to the original key signature (see attached). I'm trying to duplicate that, but can't figure out how.

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If exact playback timing is not important then you could insert a bar of duration 1/64 and hide the rests and place the Key Signature on that bar. You could even set an invisible tempo marking of speed=999 if you want the rest to be as brief as possible.

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Thanks. I guess that would work, considering this won't be 'played back' but actually performed, but I was hoping there was a way to simply extend the staff to indicate the change back to the original key without having to add a measure. If you look at the attachment I sent initially, there is no barline on the 'extension'.

If you do or can use the hide empty staff option the you can put the key change in the next measure and put a line break with the DC and the measure will disappear and the double line will be there automatically.

You can hide the barline.

If you prefer, you can select everything in the measure and use Inspector to move each item 0.5 to 1.0 spaces to the left, add the Key Signature to the final measure and then move it way over to the right, move the barline to the left and then make sure any accidentals that might need to be added to prevent the new Time Signature affecting the notes are hidden... but inserting a measure is easier.

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You'd think that would have been something that appears anyway.
Maybe one day the software team will make it automatically appear. Since that's the way it's supposed to be.

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