Erratic Brackets

• Mar 20, 2017 - 04:25

I saw this reported in 2013, but the issue is closed.

I'm running into some erratic issues with brackets. In the enclosed file, the secondary brackets on the piccolo and Horns can't be set correctly. Each time I drag the piccolo bracket to include the flutes, it snaps back to piccolo only. On the Horns, when I drag it to enclose Horns 3-4 it jumps to include all brass.

In the strings, the primary bracket will allow me to enclose through the viola, but when adding the last two strings, it seems to invert and then snap to violin 1 only.

The score is from a MIDI file, if that matters.

Suggestions, please.

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Well that was interesting. You're right, though I can't really understand the rhyme or reason of it.

In the flutes, Flute 2 is hidden. When I show Flute 2, then I can create the bracket. I then hide Flute 2 again and it remains. But why would a staff that's below the group affect it?

It was similar for the horns. Showing the Horn 2 and 4 part allowed me to create the bracket which remained after I hid them again. But why would the bracket jump to the end of the brass when they were hidden. And why did hiding Trombone 2 not produce a similar problem. I was able to create that bracket with no issues.

I removed the staves for the pizz cello and bass parts and was able to create the brackets for the strings.

Thanks for your help. This does seem a little buggy, though.

As I said, the score was from a MIDI file, I didn't create it. I downloaded it a long time ago. I assume when it was created, either switching to pizz wasn't possible or it was done in a DAW/sequencer.

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