unable to define shortcut for Shift+[Left,Right,Up,Down,Space,Return]

• Apr 2, 2017 - 18:44

I'm on arch linux mate 2.1-dev 2026e09.

Interestingly I am able to define shortcut for Ctrl+ or for Alt+, but strangely not for Shift+[Left,Right,Up,Down,Space,Return]. I sometimes run out of keys to assign shortcuts, so it would be nice to use shift. I wonder if this is an arch/linux/mate specific issue with Qt. I should note that when I assign shortcuts like Shift+1, the shortcut appears as "!", while assigning shorcuts like Shift+S, shortcut appears as "Shift+S", which seems a little inconsistent.


Regarding the latter point: I would imagine the idea is to show what can be actually shown on the key caps. A physical "!" appears above the "1" on my keyboard, so it seems logical to show the shortcut this way. But the "S" key does not show both an "s" and an "S" - just the "S". So showing Shift+S is the only literally correct way to show the distinction. Pretty sure this is common in other programs as well - show shortcuts involving letters as caps because most keyboards display them this way, then use Shift to indicate when it is used with letters, but use the actual symbols for keys that show multiples.

Not sure about the first, but I seem to recall Qt does some intercepting / processing of this stuff before we get hold of it.

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that does make sense regarding how they display now that you give that explanation.

I wouldn't be suprised if Qt is doing some intercepting / processing. I wonder now if there is a way to disable that for these key combinations. It could be that Shift always converts the key into the character representing it's shifted component, such that Shift+s is transmitted as "S" and Shift+1 is transmitted as "!", but then since there is no corresponding characters for Shift+[Left,Right,Up,Down,Space,Return], then that might mean why that key combination is not detected.

OS: OpenSuse Leap

Just tested the same with the application Scribus, there it's able to define for example a shortcut Shift+Right. So I don't believe it's a Linux or Qt issue.

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