Barré sign for guitar

• May 1, 2017 - 10:09

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A sign like a) is used very frequently in guitar notation for Barré-chords.
Could you integrate it either in the palette "lines" or palette "arpeggio"?

I manipulated sign b) to achieve this effect in MuseScore but this is very laborious.

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The fourth sign in the upper row (bracket) works quite fine for this purpose but it shouldn't have the upper hook


There is a sign like that in the master palette. Press Z to open it. In search type "Play with right hand" and it will be left. You can then drag it (or double click it) onto you score. From there you can ctrl-shift-drag it to a custom palette for future use.

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Hallo mike320, that's true: but this sign is not adjustable, it comes only in one size...

In guitar literature you'll find different approaches for barré.

One is this: V------- (mentioned by Jojo-Schmitz and allready available)

Often you find it combination with the sign I mentioned above which is indispensable for small barrés which cover only two or three strings. My favorite would be the bracket (palette/arpeggio) - without the upper hook.

A further way is as discussed in an other forum topic before to insert a horizontal line from the lines-pallette, double click to adjust the length (via mouse, arrow left or ctrl+arrow left), right click->line properties... to select begin hook and to adjust the hook length.
Of course it's possible to drag the created element into a custom workspace.

But the question still remains, if the element "a)" in your picture is a common music symbol, so that it should be by default in the advanced workspace (or at least beside a horizontal line a customizable vertical line too in the lines palette?.).

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The types of lines like the first 3 you are showing in this picture are already doable using a line. The vertical line length is set, but you can adjust the horizontal distance and edit the text any way you like. If you want a special character in it (like the 1/2), you will need to enter a staff text, copy the text and paste it into the text portion of the line.

I realize the Play with right hand symbol is limited in the ability to customize it, but you can make it look "OK" by adjusting the font size. This isn't perfect, but is what is available in the current version. Perhaps in version 3 they will give us more flexibility with lines so something like you are trying to do will be easier.

Perhaps you should put in a feature request for vertical lines for 3.0 using the issue tracker to the right. You can explain its use and features that will make it easier for you.

You can insert a staff text and press F2 to bring up the Special Characters palette. In the Musical Symbols tab under keyboard techniques is the symbol you are looking for. The advantage of staff text is that you can change it's font size. You can then place it in a custom palette as previously suggested. It will retain the font size after you put it in the palette, but you will need to reposition it.

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I believe the limitaion of the "play with right hand" symbol is that you can't adjust the vertical and the horizontal line individually. So if you have for example a distance over more than one octave like in a picture above, if you change the font size the horizontal line will increase too instead of as desired only the vertical line .

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