New release 2.1, apostrophe is missing when typing lyrics.

• May 3, 2017 - 21:26

In the new release I can't use the ' (apostrophe) anymore while typing
in lyrics. Now every time I have to enter it in through a symbol, which
takes much more time.

In the older version it was just incorporated in the keyboard (I use a
Dvorak keyboard, with dead keys)



Things like á and è do work here, not a standalone ´or ` though (not together with a space, like here in this article), there I have to use a '.
German QWERTZ Keyboard ´ and ` as deadkeys, ' not.
But this is the same in 2.0.3

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I am using a Dvorak keyboard with dead keys (through the keyboard settings in the Operating system). The shift+ q (qwerty 'q') was an apostrophe in MuseScore (in the old version 2.0.3). Normally (when I type in Office) it is just q with an added letter and the shift+q = " (instead of ')

So, you use it for example with 'he's', Jack's (an apostrophe + s for example)

by the way the other 'dead keys' are also not working, like ë, é, ü etc..

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I installed the AppImage under Linux and it looks like it has to do with this issue:

How I installed it:
I downloaded it from here, x86_64 (64-bit) version.
Then: ~cd/Downloads
gave it executable rights (opened a terminal): chmod u+x MuseScore*.AppImage

then to be sure I could also use it from the menu's, I had to install it.
So, then I installed it with:
./MuseScore*.AppImage install

That all worked out fine and I can use it through the menu now, but it doesn't take 'dead keys', which is very 'unhandy' for me. I think if MuseScore made the update available through PPA, then I could just install or update it through the normal software install and no longer have to use AppImage. That would solve my problem right away, I guess.

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