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• Jul 14, 2017 - 10:37

Hi all,

for my band i have made some templates. these contain paper size, fonts and a band logo. now when i create a new score i can select the template from the menu. but after selecting it it is not the way i wanted it to be.

here's the template i made

the logo is saved in a folder known by musescore (edit > preferences > images)

I also noticed that when selecting the template the preview is already different:
Template view.png

Is this a bug or ...??

thanks in advance


That template file containing a MuseScore logo, is that what you intend?
Whether or not any intended logo is sitting somewhere on your disk is irrelevant (to mscz files) as Images are stored inside the mscz (this would be different from mszx files).
But it may well be that These are not taked when creeating a score from such a template, not sure whether that'd be a bug or by design

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Images may not make any sense, when e.g. attached to some note or rest, or some additional frame, as those won't exist in the new score, so there's nothing to attach them to.

Only in the particular case where an Image got added to the Initial Frame, it might make sense to add it to the score, but even there only when on score creation also an initial frame gets created (i.e. when a title, subtitle, composer and/or lyricist got entered in the wizard).
Might be worth a Feature request

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to me they would make sense,
after all that is what a template is used for right? you make a preset of something you like and reuse it in future scores. so a band or producer logo. your house style (fonts, sizes, spacings etc) that's what make the scores your own.

so yes i would like to see this as a feature request. (also for the parts pls)

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Fonts sizes and spacigns is what templates do already, if those are set in the text styles of the template. It is only Images that it does not (and in many cases can't, see above).
And it won't take on any texts you manually changed, as none of these texts are taken anyway.

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Consider: you don't want the *notes* of the score you are using as a template preserved, do you? Or the time or key signature. Or the tempo markings, the repeat signs, the chord symbols, etc. Just the basic structure, not the *content*.

The only question is whether an image counts as structure or content. Some might be intended to be structure, others content, but there is no way for MuseScore to know the difference.

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Hi Marc,

indeed i do not want the notes entered. When i made the templates i though of the instruments that i always have, the way my scores should look like. the logo of the band in the header the content of the footers the metadata stuff that you otherwise would have to enter each time you make a new score.

for example the page layout/size (Marching book size 1 or 2) font size etc.
in what key the score will be is less relevant as that will change and is a simple change.

So in short yes the basic structure and to me that includes logo's, fonts and page sizes

Gr Martijn

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