Images from templates should propagate to scores created from those templates

• Jul 31, 2017 - 14:30
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Images attached to the title frame should propagate to scores created from that template (if these have a title frame too).

This would help with some house style and company logos, and they are easier deleted than added.


It's a little weird in that we'd be including the images but not the actual text from a title frame, but in principle, this does seem like a valid thing to do. There might be other specific things here or there we could consider special-casing - initial clefs, maybe?

I think the title and subtitle should not be copied from a template, but rather made from the new score properties. Also, the composer and arranger should be taken from the new score properties since these are remembered from one new score to the next.

As far as meta tags are concerned, things like page numbering and copyright info should be used from the template. The actual copyright would of course come from the score properties.

Agreed, everything that comes from the new score wizzard should take precedence, only allowing those thing to pass from the template into the score that the wizzard didn't touch, be it Title, Composer, etc, or meta tags.
Page numbering hasn't got anyting to do with meta tags, copyright might (but here again the info from the new score wizzard should take precedence), but I'm more concerned about any user added meta tags

There is a difference between Static objects in a template and variable objects like Fields (for example, Title, Lyricist).
At the moment static objects (, ) are not supported in a template, they are stored but not retrieved. Isn't it possible to check if the selected template contains static objects and if yes insert those into the new file?


the problem is that an images in a score (and a template is a score) is attached to something. But when using that score as a templeta, that 'something' isn't copied, so the image has "no nail to hang from" and so doesn't get copied either.

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I know I'm commenting on an old topic, but it have appeared again these days.
I think the concept of template should include all information that is repetitive across different scores of a kind and this my include: 1) A front page with logos and/or images, house name, standard placement and style for title, composer, lyricist; 2) A second page including the instrumental and vocal parts, copyright notice, pubication date, ISMN and related information; 3) The general format of the score including the staves, the title, composer and lyricist as will appear on the first page of the score (this is the current way).
In order to implement this idea, if agreement regarding its convenience were reached, it would be necessary to change the way this information, which is not attached to any note or rest but previous to all of them, will be treated by the "template engine".