Unwanted accidentals after ties

• Mar 23, 2013 - 18:20

Hi -

In the second full measure of the attached score, you can see some naturals. These showed up (unwanted) when I put the ties on the notes before them. They don't affect the pitch of the notes at all.


I cannot figure out how to get rid of them, other than making them invisible.

Have I done something wrong, or have I come across a bug? How can I get rid of them?

Thank you.


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You're right. I re-opened the file and it was OK. Strange.

Yes, I tried the arrow keys to move the notes. I dragged them to a different place and then back again. Nothing removed those naturals, other than removing the ties.

Thanks, Franz!


Is it possible this is the result of an edit in which you previously had a sharp earlier in the measure, or tied over from the previous measure, then removed it? MuseScore does insist on adding courtesy accidentals in the latter case, which is good practice but maybe a bit presumptuous. I've never seen them show up in a situation like your example, but could imagine it being left behind as a temporary artifact if this was the case but then you changed something earlier in the score such the accidental was no longer needed.

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Hi Mark -

No, that wasn't the case. The problem showed up in the full score for the piece, so I carefully re-typed in the example from scratch. There were never any previous accidentals in it.

O well. I'm just trying to remember to close and re-open the score in the future, before reporting problems.


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Well, I'll be d@mned. i just tried to recreate the example from scratch - actually, just that one measure, top staff only - and got precisely the same result. i added the notes in voice 1 without the tie, then switched to voice 2 and added thise notes. then I exited note entry mode, switched to voice 1, clicked the first note, and hit the tie button. Instant accidental! Completely reproducible in 1.3. Seems fixed in the nightly for 2.0.

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