Bug Report - Erratic Measure Widths

• Mar 26, 2013 - 22:39

I was asked to submit a bug report by Xavierjazz.

Using Version 1.3
Windows 7 64 Bit

The issue is discussed and outlined in this thread: http://musescore.org/en/node/20601#comment-76798

If I use Append Horizontal Frame on the last measure of the score to adjust the width of the last measures it works fine. If I then transpose the score all the custom setting are lost. The behavior is different depending if you use Transpose By Key or Transpose By Interval. Transpose By Key you loose everything (stretched measures and Append Horizontal Frame settings). Transpose by Interval maintains Append Horizontal Frame adjustments but at times the stretch settings are lost.

I hope I made myself clear.



I understand what you are aying, I think,mbut I can't reproduce it. I tried appending a horizontal frame to the Reunion example score, resizing it larger, and also reducing stretch in one measure to make it tight, I then teansposed the whole score by key to C. Everything was preserved as expected. Cold you post the score you are having trouble trouble with, and exact seps to reproduce?

One thing I'm guessing might be happening: when you transpose by key, it chane the key signature, and also may change some of the accidentals. This might affect layout, so that a measure that used to fit on a line no longer does, or vice versa. And it ight be that layout change that is causing it to appear that the manual adjustments were lost.

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Yes, that seems to be a bug, and it seems to still be the case in the nightlies for 2.0. Have you submitted a formal bug report (using the issue tracker) before? This would be a good one to submit.

BTW, looking at your score, I see you have tried to manually position chord symbols in the middle of measures. There is no need for that, and it's very counterproductive to layout. The space bar during chord entry stop at every beat, so there should be nothing stopping you from entering chords directly on beat three or four whether there is a not there or not. Doing that will preserve correct layout in situations where your manual positioning is likely to fail - like if the measures change size or position on the page.

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Yes. Are you saying that after the chord is entered I can use the space bar to move the chord entry field beat by beat?

You're right. I manually positioned the chord not knowing that process. Some times the chords run together like using a B9#5 on the third beat of a 4/4.

Do you think it's Ok just to reference this thread in a Bug Report?


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Yes, space bar moves to next note or beat. If you haven't already, check out my lead sheet tutorials:




Might be other tidbits of info you havet discovered for yourself - although actually, your charts look very good overall already.

As for submitting an issue, do reerene this thread, but best to iinclude a simple self-contained summary of the problem:. Attach a sample score, with Fixed Width set, and give he seps to reproduce as 1) select last measure, 2) append horizontal frame, 3) try to resize.

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