Slurs not handled correctly over repeats with multiple endings.

• Aug 20, 2017 - 17:24

When a repeat has multiple endings and slurs cross into the endings, or out if the endings back to the beginning of the repeat, the slurs should act as if a line break occurred at the end of all but the last ending and at the beginning of all but the last ending. However, the slurs are drawn as if the ending did not connect to any but the immediately adjacent measure.

This can be worked around by manually redrawing the slurs. I've included an example which shows the corrected slurs in the score and the duet part, but not in the Alto Sax 1 and Alto Sax 2 parts.

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This is a known issue that I hope will be fixed in the next release. You have similar problems with ties (the problem is actually worse since it affects playback).

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While that is being fixed, can the slurs (but not the ties) crossing the breaks (page, ending) be handles a little differently than the other slurs. Specifically, can the end that is crossing the break not curve back toward the notes? (I edited the slurs in the attachment in the score (the endings) and the duet (endings and some line breaks).

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