• Aug 21, 2017 - 21:19

I failed to enter a title in the 'NewScore' window, and went on to enter notes.
Now I cannot get back to that window to enter a title and I have to enter it directly into the vertical frame at the start of the score.
How can I get back to the original window so that the title is copied both to the score and to the 'Score Properties' window?


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Thanks. This strikes me as inflexible. If I need to change the title, I must do so both in 'Score Properties' and in the Score itself. If I forget to do both, or make a mistake in one, then the data is inconsistent. This is never good. Updates to Score Properties should propagate automatically to anywhere they are used.

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Eventually we should consider making the macros we allow in the header & footer available in other text as well. Then we could automatically set the title up that way. But we'd need to hook up code to make it do directly editing the title text also edited score properties. Something worth considering for the future.

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