Creating print songbook with several musescore songs

• May 8, 2013 - 15:31


For our choir trip I'm preparing a song book. The song book is a combination of lyrics only songs, and musescore sheets.
I tried to create a word document that contains all the songs but I have run into some problems. I tried to export the musescore sheets to a couple of formats but:

* png does not offer enough print quality
* pdf should in principle offer enough but the sheet looks a bit blurred.

I am looking for a decent workflow to combine musescore sheets into an existing document. The solution does not necessarily have to involve Microsoft Word, I am flexible.

I would be grateful if anybody could help me.


I'm currently busy doing the same thing, some 400 pages. I do it all in MuseScore, all as singl or dual pages, export as PDF, than joining all PDFs into one big file (I use Acrobat 9 Pro, but there are free alternatives out there too).
I'm not quite there yet, but getting closer, 344 pages are done and result in a 7.5MB PDF

... this is how I do it:

- create pure lyrics pages in Word, create graphic pages in Powerpoint, create sheets in MuseScore
- export all to single PDF files, while making sure that the alphabetical order of the pages corresponds to the order in the songbook (adding numbers if necessary)
- using Acrobat Professional, I combine all PDFs in a single document and add page numbers (there should be non-commercial tools able to do that, too)

The quality is good enough for "my" printing, never looked blurred to me.

How do you create your PDF? "Save as" PDF or do you print in a PDF printer on your machine?

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My approach would be to use a DTP software instead of a word processing and a presentation creator.
So I would use Scribus to do the layouting. It's possible to insert MuseScore PDF directly in Scribus and keep them vectorized. Texts can be handled in Scribus too. Graphics can be done with your favorite bitmap editor (such as GIMP) or vector image editor (Inkscape).

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thanks for your answer. I think the problem is that Word does not keep a pdf file in vector format when such a file is inserted into a Word document.

When working with an intermediate SVG file (and Inkscape), the results are a lot better.

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