vertical arrow (articulation) disappeared ?

• Oct 6, 2017 - 22:05

a guitar treble staff is linked to its TAB equivalent. I have entered, say, a G note, and in next time slot 3 notes representing a G chord. No problems.

I wanted to replace on the staff and/or TAB line the 3 note G chord with a vertical arrow. So I dragged an arrow from articulations pallet onto a measure. It showed up fine.

Then I started messing around to hide the notes, replace notes with a rest and try to hide the rest, drag arrow on top of notes, etc.

Now when I try to put an arrow onto any measure, it will not show.

What have I done and how do I fix it?



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Can you put the score to the point where you can't add an arrow, save it and upload it here, or give exact steps to reporduce the problem in the uploaded score.

Your score is in a very unusual conditions, so it is necessary to see it with the problems so we might be able to understand what is going on, fix your score and prevent it in future versions if possible.

Articulations must be added to the notes (or noteheads).
Articulations can't be added to the measures (or measure rests). (except fermata)
If there is no notes, what will the articulation articulate?

Or, specify what you really want to achieve.

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Zlya - thanks so much. It never occurred to me that a note MUST BE selected before dragging an arrow onto the staff.

So to the next Q, can I then hide the notes. In short, I want the guitar downbeat & strum to appear as a note followed by an up/down arrow. The chord name would appear above staff (I know how to do this part).

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Do you want to write only TAB lines: Press the "i" key and delete the note line from the opened window.

Are you going to make the notes invisible: Select the notes (or measures) and press the "v" key.

Because the final picture is in your mind. I don't know what this is about.
If you add a sample (screenshot, photo, drawing), maybe it could be more clear.
The questions you ask aren't related to the result you want to get.
About the methods you want to use to achieve this result.
And I don't know if it can be achieved with these methods.

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You don't need to select a note before dragging., But you do have to attach a symbol to a specific note. There are, as always in MuseScore, two ways of doing this:

1) drag the symbol to the specific note you want to attach it to and release when that note highlights


2) click the note you want to attach to, then double click the symbol in the palette

The second is normally the preferred / easier way, but either normally works the same.

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