Order of notes created

• Oct 13, 2017 - 06:45

I'm doing some tight block chords for a sax part. There is something in the playback that sounds like the leading tone does not follow the notes as written. For example, maybe it is the second note (or other) down on the stem playing louder that the top note so it sounds like leading tone isn't correct. It doesn't sound wrong. It just doesn't sound right.
My question is... does it matter what order I assemble notes on a stem? I am only using voice 1.


Although you might see something if you looked at a MIDI-note sequence, my guess is that what you're hearing (or think you're hearing) is "just a quirk," if it's really there at all. Playback is always going to be a bit of an approximation . . . meant to help you to write and edit your scores "by ear."

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