Play panel volume very low

• May 29, 2013 - 06:09

My volume is always very low when I play scores in MuseScore, but is not low when I play sound through Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer, etc.

I tried uninstalling MuseScore but it did not help.

How can I completely uninstall?


Have you tried turning the volume slider up in the play panel?

It's found in menu item: Display / Play Panel
Keyboard shortcut is: F11

It used to play fine when I first installed it.

Yes I move the slider up and it is louder but still 10x softer than any other application.

How can I completely uninstall? Removing any registry keys or lingering files or dependencies?

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See Revert to factory settings , although it's possible that this isn't your problem.

Be sure you are are moving the right slider - or more particularly, *all* the right sliders. The main one is the one in display / synthesizer. But also see display / mixer. It's also possible the score you are testing with has its own volume) set to be very soft ("ppp"), or for some reason the volume of the motes the,selves has been overriden (right click a note, note properties, check the "velocity" settings). Your best best will be to rest colume using the one of the demo scores supplied with MuseScore because we *know* they don't have anything in them that would be causing that. Make sure the syntehsizer and mxier windows both show appropriate volumes. Synth slider should be close to the top - near the 0 level, but not all the way in the red zone.

Some OS's or soind card drivers may also track the volume of each application independently. There may be an overall system mixer that lets you control the relative volumes of individual applications. Make sure amuseScore isn't turned down relative your other applications.

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