Saved & Loaded Style- Windows 7

• Jun 3, 2013 - 06:21

I have download a Midi file which loads into MusicScore.

There are about 6 different lines of instruments, Grand Piano

precision etc..

I have edited & saved my Style as "Keyboard Synthesiser " I have loaded

this style, but sill get a sore for 6 instruments. Can any one

assist, as I don't wish to transpose & print all the instruments



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Thanks for your help. I have just tried to add "Keyboard" and Synthesiser,
This was OK, I then deleted the "Piano" and tried to save my "Keyboard"
Th program sates there is a fault and crashes. I have tried this several
times with the same result.

Any other ideas please?

The save/load style facility only affects the option in the style menu - distance between staves, grace note size, font settings, etc. It has nothing to do with the number or names of instruments in your score. Assuming you want to delete the instruments you aren't using, then the method described above will work. But it's not really clear what exactly you are trying to do, so more explanation would help if deleting the staves isn't what you mean.

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Again thanks for your help.

I have piano & some keyboard sheet music, the sore is

usually three flats or four sharps (I am a novice), I want

to place the music scores onto the program and transpose

it into "C" if that is possible, so I can read the music more

easily and play on the keyboard.

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