issue with chord changes that cannot be deleted

• Oct 29, 2017 - 01:59

I was adding lyrics to a song and somehow a couple of chord changes were moved while making the entries, This has happened before and I would be able to delete them, They show up between staves in odd places. I have two on page 2 that I cannot delete. They are the G/B and the A/C# above bar 33

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See: 1Amazin Love key of D.mscz
They were initially in measure 12.
But there is others unexpected chords location. See eg another one in measure 35 (A/C#) just below the clef, it was initially in measure 16.
And if you do: right-click on a chord -> Select -> All similar elements -> Ctrl + R (for default/initial position), you observe than chords (GMaj7) overlap D chords in measures 14 and 17.

I deleted the A/C# in measure 35. For the others (GMaj7), I don't know what is your goal - probably remove them too. So, you do as you want (there are selectable now) . See: 2Amazin Love key of D.mscz
In conclusion, avoid to drag the chords.

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Thank you, I never moved the chords G/B and A/C#. This issue occurs when I am entering lyrics and the screen flashes and all of a sudden the chords are in the wrong place. Sometimes the chord changes in a given spot simply disappear and I have to re-enter them. I just couldn't remove them from the screen this time. I have done it before.
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It's possible if you're entering lyrics and pause for a couple of minutes that autosave can kick in, and if you are in continuous view, glitches can occur at that moment. Maybe that's what happened? If it happens again see if you can narrow it down a bit more. But normally, chord symbols don't move on their own .

It's a bit much to say avoid dragging chords at all. Just be sure to attach them to the correct note / staff, then use dragging if necessary to fine tune position. Don't attach to one / staff then drag to anothsr - that is indeed likely to lead to problems.

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