Better arpeggio editing

• Aug 24, 2017 - 18:38

As things are, I hardly find arpeggios useful except just to make the score look right. It would be better if:
1. I could set the speed of arpeggios, and
2. Arpeggios could stretch from the bottom staff to the top staff, and work like that as well as appear that way.


I agree. Currently, if I denote a triad chord as an arpeggio, the notes play at tempo of the first three notes of sextuplet, not a triplet. Similarly, a 1/4 note arpeggio of a four-note chord plays as four 32nd notes, instead of four 16th notes, regardless of the duration of the chord. It would make more sense to have the arpeggio play evenly over the full duration of the chord. In this case, a 1/2-note chord arpeggio would take twice the time as a 1/4 note one. But, I am not up on the traditional practices for notation arpeggios. Perhaps, there is reason that arpeggios play at a fix note value in Musescore? I guess for now, I have to manual score arpeggios?

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Yours is not the usual / correct interpretation of the arpeggio symbol. It always means to play it as rapidly as possible (or at least, as rapidly as the performer desires). If you want three triplets, you should write three triplets. The arpeggio symbol is for cases where you don't want the notes played in rhythm.

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