Arpeggio playback should not depend on tempo

• May 28, 2016 - 19:02
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I am writing a score that is at 70 bpm. And I am putting Arpeggios on my notes (Piano) and rather than playing fast, they play really slow. Please Fix


I think a first step would be to expose note onset times to the plugin interface. That way custom plugins could be written that honor style and/or taste (keeping
in mind that many guitar player have the (bad) habbit of starting strums/arpeggios before the beat, placing the top note (and not the bass) on the beat).

I would like a setting style that would be available for just about everything in the glissando and arpeggio palette that allows the user to control the speed of each. All of these have various playback speeds depending on the rest of the music. Perhaps some sort of slide bar could be implemented that would allow the user to speed up or slow down each playback. There would of course have to be some sort of decision on the default speed for each, but that will be wrong most of the time no matter what decision is made.

I think we still need it follows tempo change but not as much sensitive as it is now, just give it a ratio.
Also please consider “crossing stave” arpeggio playing to be implemented: see attached score piano part page 18, measure number 23. It's not played as true arpeggio (find it out by using 10% of full speed to play :). This score was left unfinished. There are so many “crossing stave” arpeggios.

Cross staff arpeggios are very common. Since I like (closer to) accurate playback I'm continually hiding accurate playback while silencing the visible. Some OpenScore users don't like this however. More freedom in applying arpeggios would be very nice.

If i am not mistaken the Beethoven example (for hose who don't know it, it is the famous "Spring" sonata) is from the adagio. In this case the violinist would wait a little before entering if the pianist chose a slow arpeggio: We get into the realm of the impossible as to playback imitating actual music making.

It would be great, (and also technically correct I think,) if there was the option to play the top note of the arpeggio on the beat, rather than the bottom, as it does now. This is in a way a feature request, but also, musically, it is a bug. This should also be implemented with grace notes, but that's another story.

You can influence the direction of the arpeggio, default is bottom to top, but there's also a top-to-bottom arpeggio in the palette. But this would better be discussed in the forum, not the issue tracker

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed
Status fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit d464b009de

fix #113051: Arpeggio playback should not depend on tempo

1) Add timeStratch field to arpeggio inspector to manipulate velocity of arpeggio. Now arpeggio with timeStretch which equal 1, doesn't depend on applying tempo. Arpeggio sounds the same.
2) Add unit test to midi tests.