Is it possible to have multiple rows of tabs when many scores open?

• Jan 22, 2018 - 11:55

I am currently working on new sheet music for about 20 songs, and have them all open in musescore.
At the top, just above the score are tabs for all the files I have open, but since I have so many, they don't all fit there. Musescore handles this by giving me two little arrows to browse trough them. This works but since I can't see all the scores i have to go hunting for the right one.
Is it possible to make Musescore show 2 or more rows of tabs so that they are all displayed?
I tried going through the settings myself but couldn't find it, and googling didn't help much either because of the other meaning of TAB i get all kinds of hits about tablature notation.


See here for what i mean:…


Just a +1 for this. Yes you can scroll, but it's kind of a drag when you are trying to flip back and forth between the score and 2nd violin part in a symphony. I know it's also been requested to have a way to suppress part tabs, maybe another idea is to allow them to be grouped somehow. Anyhow, definitely worth thinking about better ways of presenting long lists of parts.

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