Recover a file?

• Jan 28, 2018 - 03:22

I spent a great deal of time creating an arrangement but apparently did not save it to my usual destination--sort of! There is the very beginning of the piece saved, but everything else is gone. And, yes, I saved it religiously as I completed each small part. When I was through for the day, I saved it and closed down, needing only to export it to pdf to be completed; all parts were edited as well. Today I went to the start center, checked the recent files, opened it normally--and found only that fragment. I have searched my files for hours and have yet to find it. Is there anywhere you might suggest on the MS itself where I might look?
I realize this must probably be user error, but I'd really like to find this piece!
Thanks in advance.


If there are a crash at some point and MuseScore offered to restore the previous session and you chose that option and then just "saved" your work rather than doing "save as", then Windows probably hid your work in what it calls the "virtual store" - do a web search on that term to learn how to find it for your version of Windows (if this applies to you).

If you used "Save As" at some point, then chances are you simply neglected to set the folder to the location you actually wanted. Luckily, MuseScore remembers the last "Save As" folder, so simply do another "Save As" and see what folder it defaults to - chances are that is where you accidentally saved your work.

When in doubt, use the facilities provide by your OS to do a full file system search for all MSCZ files - not looking manually, but letting the OS search for you. Again, do a web search to learn how to use the facilities provided by your particular OS.

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