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Hey would someone please be able to help me. I've composed something and it's really important as it's for my HSC! When i open the file it says Cannot read file C:/Users/kevin.LAPTOP-SV2AAG16/Desktop/HSC MUSIC/New Ragtime HSC.mscz:
Pretty pls help, i looked at some similar posts and still didn't understand how to fix it as the posts just stated how musoscore saved backup files but the posts didnt actually tell you how to access those backup files.

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Sometimes, under yet to be fully understood circumstances, MuseScore stores a file at a so-called virtual store (on Windows) or in some temporary directory outside the user's home, most likely "/tmp" (Mac and Linux), with a filename representing the full original pathname with all (back)slashes ('\' resp. '/') replaced by underscores ('_'). See for example recovered files.
You may need to search your entire hard disk for all filenames ending with ".mscz" to find those.

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