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• Mar 10, 2018 - 17:48

I'm currently transcribing Le Carnival des Animaux, by Camille Saint-Saëns and I found this measure. They seem to be grace notes, but they aren't attached to any main note. How could I do this? Thanks.

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Add them as regular eighth notes and set them as Small in the Chord section of the Inspector. You'll probably need to increase the actual duration of the measure first by right-clicking and going to Measure Properties. Also you can force them to be beamed as shown using the Beam Properties palette.

A couple of niceties. There are two voices. The upper one is voice 1 in the treble staff for the right hand, and the lower one is voice 1 in the bass staff, for the left hand. The notes for each voice span both staves, despite being voice 1 in only one staff... You'll have to use cross-staff notation to get the notes to appear in the right place. You might or might not have to play around and do "make invisible" on some rests, but not if you do it strictly as the other guys have suggested. You might have to move the beams by hand. Also, each single "octave line" here actually applies to both voices, so that could impact playback depending on how you do it... Too many hypotheticals to spell out a solution -- just mentioning things you might have to deal with.

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