No Audio [Ver. 2.2.1, Mac High Sierra OS X]

• Apr 11, 2018 - 05:28
Reported version
S4 - Minor

I am running Mac High Sierra, and since downloading 2.2.1 my scores will not play. Just upgraded from 2.1 this evening, and they played fine earlier today. I've tried scores with voice, piano, wind instruments and percussion instruments and I am hearing nothing. The tracker follows the score at the correct tempo and I can view all the notes, but I am hearing no audio coming from the score in playback or when placing notes in Note Input mode. I have tried re-installing the program, it did nothing.


Thank you #MusicIsLife384, I have same problem. So I tried the synthesizer suggestion. However there must be another solution? It works for only that one piece and I have to individually do that for every single piece of music I work on. Can simply not work - I'm music teacher and have files full of theory, harmony and practical lessons that I work on constantly.
Any suggestions please

Workaround: Open Synthesizer and add the default soundfont again or revert to factory settings, loosing all palettes, shortcuts etc... (or manually delete synthesizer.xml)