Bug with playback with voices on new version

• Apr 16, 2018 - 20:54

There is a new bug that was NOT present in the previous version.

In my scores, many times to retain a realistic reverb for playing/rendering, I duplicate certain notes of the voice of one instrument and play them a 16th note later on voice 2. However, in the new version of Musecscore if either voice contains the exact same note at the same time, the second occurance of the same note will cut short the playing of the first one. However, this ONLY happens if they are the exact same note.

IMAGE #1 -
The first, second and fourth notes are on voice 1, the third is on voice 2 to cause some extra reverb. In the previous version both the second and third would both play for their proper length and velocity. However, in the new version of musescore, the third note (on voice 2) actually cuts short the second note (on voice 1) when it begins to play.

IMAGE #2 -
The first, second and fourth notes are on voice 1, the third is on voice 2 to cause some extra reverb. In this case, however, all notes play properly.

So, there is obviously something wrong with the same exact note trying to be played simulateously.

I would appreciate if something could get looked into this ASAP, as almost all of my scores use this technique for a more realistic sounding playback and now they sound very off in the new version.


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It seems you may have relying on a bug in previous versions that was fixed in 2.2. Previously, when notes overlapped, bad things happened - only the shortest one would continue to sound. If the notes hapened to end together you might not notice, but if one ended before the other, the longer one would be cut short. Lots of people noticed and complained about this, so finally we were able to fix the bug, and that required the first note to be cut off before the second one starts. This is actually more correct - human musicians reading your score would also restrike the note.

So again, it seems you were relying on a bug to get a particular reverb effect, but now that the bug is fixed, you should remove that hack/workaround. If you want more reverb, simply play with the settings in View / Synthesizer.

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Thank you for the reply. It will just mean that I will have to make a second track for the duplicated notes, instead of a seperate voice.
(Unfortunately, reverb settings are a different thing, I usually do this only with select notes here and there that may not end sounding quite realistic enough due to the sample set or to have a more slur effect between notes.)

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Would be interesting to see / hear one of your scores where this technique is used effectively - I'm having trouble imagining it. But I'd recommend against doing anything too crazy with the notation just to get a particular playback effect. Your example as posted is simply incorrect notation for the effect you were trying to achieve. Replacing it with another incorrect notation is just asking to have to go back and rework it again in the future if the playback improves further and your workaround breaks - in other words, if the same thing happens in 2.3 as happened in 2.2 :-)

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