2.2 - Underlines

• Apr 18, 2018 - 07:43

I'm not entirely sure if this was caused by the 2.2 update, but I recently noticed that the underlines for text are not consistent. Instead, it varies in thickness depending on the text font. There's a particular instance where I want to underline a part name using a specific font; however, it now makes the underline very thin. Previously, it was fine, but now it looks quite off. I'll attach two screenshots, one before the 2.2 update and one after.

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0- Before.PNG 7.23 KB
0- After.PNG 3.54 KB


I can't reproduce this using any fonts I have installed, could be in issue specific to that font. Is it the old Finale "Jazz" font? Can you attach an actual score rather than just a picture?

In TextFragment::draw(), I do see code for Windows only to deal with the bad kerning issues we were suffering from. If I understand what is going on, the result of this could be different effects depending on font size but also perhaps screen resolution.

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