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• Apr 25, 2018 - 01:57

Hi Everyone,

I'm writing a piece where I want the instruments in the last staff to repeat not from the first bar beginning the piece but from the second bar beginning the piece. I've put a D.C. at the last bar at the end of the piece and I've tried putting the D.C. sign over the second bar at the beginning but it still plays from the first bar. Also no luck in putting a repeat bar at the second bar.

I have a couple of other questions, but I think I should limit myself to one question per post. My score is still too fragmentary to upload.

Thanks from a new user. I tried working this out with the manual but couldn't find a way. Inexperience, I'm sure.



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I might as well add one other thing. I have two voltas on this line but the second time through (after starting at the D.S. on the second bar) I want the instruments to skip these voltas and go onto a new section of music until the end of the piece. How should I do this?

Okay, thanks to everyone! Sorry for these beginner questions. I am trying to use the manual as best I can.


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Hi and Thanks,

Please see attachment.

Here is an example of what I mean. Just so I get it clear.
Music plays through from bar 1 through bar 5 or volta 1.
Music repeats bar 4 but then plays volta 2 or bar 6.
Music repeats from bar 6 back to the Segno sign at 2 bar skipping bar 1. So far so good!
I want the music to move now from bar 3 to bar 7 skipping the voltas.

I've put an al Segno at bar 3 and the Segno sign at bar 7 but it still plays the voltas.

Thanks for any help. I'm sure it's easier than I've made it.

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I realize that your attached example (Repeat_Problem.mscz) is representative (and that your song does not consist of a single repeated note).
Also, your voltas each contain only a single measure when, in fact, they may contain more.
Here's an attachment showing two ways to honor your playback instructions:


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First, let me thank everyone for their help! I need to sort through the responses before I can tell you what worked. I'm a complete and total amateur. This piece is a chanson, so the flow of the music is irregular and a bit tricky. I'll post my results so others can see what works.

Hi everyone,

Let me say again how grateful I am for all the constructive suggestions. Perhaps an Important lesson for novice composers, or non-composers like myself: if the structure of the piece is too complicated, there might be something wrong with the basic arrangement. In the end, I was able to work out the sections in a simpler format that allowed me to just use repeat signs without the D.C. or D.S. indications. This piece is a chanson, so musical ideas should be interesting and varied but not be too difficult for the performers to understand and execute.

Thanks again for all the help.


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