Website confusion (From the Spanish forum)

• May 19, 2018 - 14:32

This was originally posted on the Spanish forum here.

Google translation into English:

This ad appears on my Musescore page, which blocks access to it:

"In order to run a successful website, we have some third parties and are setting cookies and accessing and storing information on your device for various purposes. to collect data to serve you personalized and ads. "
But I do not know where to 'click' to deny my consent to receive advertisements. Google translations are not clear to me. Could someone tell me where to do it?
Thank you

I have recommended that he post this also on the improving MuseScore forum.


Until now I didn't confirm the message or adjusted some choices.
I admit it, that I'm not a big friend of web sites which collecting user data (and to take part in the mentioned thread above, you've to make a decision before).
Maybe sometimes I'm overcautious or warily (but very rarely ;-), but I would like to see some information/clarifications/explanations about the reasons here in the forum to avoid excitements of users.

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Summary: there is no change in policy from as to what is collected or shared at all. But starting May 25th, the GDPR becomes active; a European legislation that requires sites to not only explicitly inform, but also require user consent for doing so.
By providing you with the form, is implementing that regulation.

See for the official statement, which I've summarized for convenience above.

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