problem with palletes (lines not shown, palletes wrongly placed)

• Dec 7, 2008 - 18:37


sorry it's me again. I have a problem with lines and/in the palletes. Btw I am using WinXP and MuseScore 0.9.4 Rev. 1344

During entering some score suddenly (means I don'T know what I have done before :-)) No lines where shown in the pallete. The category itself is shown and also the placeholders where I can select the different lines but nothing is shown there. But if I drag such an empty element to the score, the correct line will be inserted.

Thats the first thing, second one is even stranger. Thought that I messed something up and therefore uninstalled and installed musescore again. Nothing changed. I though that probably some wrong values were stored in the registry and therefore deleted the Muse key. After installing musescore again the old problem is still there but now I have a second one. The palletes itself are shown really on top of the program. This means even the normal menu line is overdrawn by the palletes.

Anybody there with a good idea how I can fix this.


The palette can be moved to a new screen location by dragging the "Palettes" heading with your mouse.

To recover the lost lines in the palette search for the file called mscore-palette.xml and delete it. On my computer it was located at the following location (replace USERNAME with your own):
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\MusE\MuseScore\mscore-palette.xml

The ability to customize the palette was a new in the 1344 prerelease. The feature is not complete or finished. More details on the developers mailing list: Customizable palette

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Lines and pins and slurs have gone missing from my Palettes.

I had been using them but when I needed them again some 10 minuets latter and they where just not there.

I am using 1.2 on a Windows Xp pro.

Then I have deleted the MuseScore and reinstalled it -- that just didn't help at all.

Wena D. Parry

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