Export each staff to separate MIDI file

• Aug 11, 2013 - 19:03

Hello, all. I have kind of an odd question.

I am scoring some music for a video game. The game's music will vary depending upon the user's actions: as they get closer to one action, one part of the score is loudest, and when they get closer to some other action, a different part of the score is loudest.

Obviously, all the different parts have to work together, so it is necessary for all of the parts to be notated on the same part of the score. However, all of them would have to be distinct files, as the game's audio engine can't handle pan, volume, etc. of separate tracks in the same MIDI file.

Is this at all possible?


Probably the most straightforward way to do that would be to define a "part" for each staff or combination of staves you want exported as a separate MIDI file. Then after generating the parts, you can simply save each as a MIDI.

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