Playback greyed out

• Jul 20, 2018 - 02:39

I am using musescore 2.3.1 on Mac, High Sierra. A while ago the playback button became greyed out after an update. I tried all solutions suggested in the past, to no avail. I downloaded a nightly build which worked fine for awhile until it suddenly stopped working as well.

The button is greyed out (can't press it). Under I/O there is no info in the dropdown menus. The synthesizer menu button is greyed out. Anyone know what is causing this?


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if ViewSynthesizer shows you there is no SoundFont loaded, you can avoid reverting to factory settings by simply downloading and installing a replacement SoundFont. Make sure to apply the "Set as Default" button in the Synthesizer after loading the replacement SoundFont.
Have you checked: Preferences-> I/O?

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I've note seen the Synthesizer grayed out in the menu before so it didn't make sense to me. You mentioned the play button being grayed out so I wanted to make sure I understood. As I said, I'm starting over trouble shooting step by step until someone who has seen this before interjects.

Can you attach a picture of your I/O tab from the edit->preferences menu? Also, mention any hardware that might interact with musescore besides a standard sound card you might have on your system.

Not sure if this was discussed, but I went into the Preferences, and under General, I unchecked the option "Show Tours", clicked OK, and the top-menu was no longer grayed out. I don't know if it was just toggling, clicking "apply", or OK, but whatever it was, the grayed-out menu is no longer. I've gone back, re-enabled Show Tours, but the issue does not come back, so it may have just been the very act of toggling that solved it for me.

Same issue here. Can't have synthesizer nor inputs/outputs audio/midi. Musescore not seeing any of my MIDI inputs, nor my soundcard, etc. Mixer, Synthesizer and Play button greyed. I have tried everything I've read at the posts : factory settings, install/reinstall program...etc. Maybe it is a Catalina compatibility ? I'll have to stop using Musescore if that continues....

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