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• Aug 3, 2018 - 19:32

On the web page:
The link to Linux Fedora is broken: 404.
By the way on Fedora the package is present in main repo as "mscore"
It is the easiest way to get it (still version 2.2.1, but well)

Eventually, there are tools:
It found about 30 broken links on the first 1000 pages.


I've fixed a couple broken links in the handbook, developers' handbook, howtos.

We need a website admin (@Thomas?) to fix the download page, and there it is not just the Fedora link, but also the link to the 2.3.2 announcement, and the link to the release notes (2.3.2) is pointing to the wrong one (2.3.1)

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I did the
dnf install mscore
and a
dnf install musescore
Both told me I had
mscore- already loaded
and so it is.
In my ignorance, I thought there might be a
museScore 2.3.2
mscore-2.2.2.fc[whatever] done. I guess not
just yet.

PS: Amazing work folks do on this software!

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