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• Sep 14, 2018 - 04:45

Is there a way to edit the preferences so that when I input a new note "user" is the default instead of "offset" so that I do not have to manually check every single note and change it to be set to "user"?



Can we step back a moment and talk about why you are using "User" so much? I guess you are talking about for the "Velocity" setting, and you are attempting to fine tune the playback? I'd wait until you were done entering the music before worrying about minor details, and then the select all approach will be fine.

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Whenever one inputs a midi, it sets all values to "user". Therefore, if I am working on adding to a midi imported piece, I have to continuously "select-all" and set the notes to "offset". It seems it would just be a lot simpler to have a very easy option in "perferences" to decide if "user" or "offset" is the default.

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That could be too.
I personally would at least also prefer an option in general, because I find user mode far more useful for knowing the absolute valve immediately instead of trying to calculate everything in my head.

Though, I suppose an alternate option would be to set the start of every line to "ppp" and treat "offset" as though it were "user" mode.

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Speaking of midi import ---
Maybe I'm missing a feature, but it seems that the midi import does not allow me to set all instruments to a default instrument.
What I'd really like, is for a quick option for all instruments to be set to default treble piano cleft with piano as the default instrument (i.e. no, transposed instruments, etc.) .

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