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• Sep 16, 2018 - 03:44
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The score (Misty as well as all other scores) play back correctly in MuseScore on my PC, but when I try to play it back via a bluetooth speaker/amplifier, it continues to play back through my PC instead of the bluetooth device.
I've checked the bluetooth functionality on my PC by playing another audio app(YouTube) via the bluetooth and it was working. Is there a reason why my PC can cast YouTube via the bluetooth to my speaker/amp but not MuseScore, or is MuseScore even configured to have bluetooth capability?


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I apologise for the delayed reply. I was expecting it to come through an email, I'm new at this and don't know the ropes yet, so now I know the forums are where the issues are expressed and the replies are given. I'm using Windows 10 (the lastest version) on an HP notebook, I hope the info helps...

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Have you checked Edit / Preferences / I/O to be sure your speaker is selected there?

In the future, it is better to use the Support forum when asking for help using MuseScore.

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It seems like Realtek High Definition Audio is the only audio device listed in my PC. I've attached another screenshot of the Realtek High Definition Audio and its properties. I also use a Stealthplug 1/4"--->USB audio jack (which also has a 3.5 jack outlet for headphones) to connect my guitar to the computer, but it only appears in the sound/available devices box when it's connected.

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Problem solved! I'm not a techie guy, so I Googled the meaning of Musescore API,MME, and ASIO. I Did
some reading, watched some YouTube videos, long story short I was able to figure out API stands for Audio Programming Input, MME has something to do with Midi(musical instrument digital input) input, and ASIO is Audio streaming input/output, which has to do with a computer's applications connecting with it's sound card's input and output. So I simply switched the API box setting from MME to ASIO. That fixed it, I had to restart my computer, after which I was able to hear MuseScore play through my external BT speaker via my computer's bluetooth. I wouldn't have been able to resolve the problem with out your directing me to the edit/ preferences/ I/O area. Thank you for your assistance!