Sound Effects from Flute?

• Oct 2, 2018 - 16:26

A couple of years ago I added a machine gun sound to one of my compositions using a stave to which a Flute is assigned. For the life of me, I can't figure out how I got the flute to sound like a machine gun -- though I do remember that there were many other sound effect choices to go with that one --and I can't seem to find any posts or documentation to remind me.

Can one of you help me out?



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Excuse me, how did you add this "gun shot" or any other effect to musescore. I am trying to add a small waterfall mp3 and I am clueless how to do this. Please explain. Thank you.

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The sound I want doesn't exist on Musecore. I want to upload it to Musecore. Do you know how to upload to Musecore? Do you know how to change an mp3 to a correct file format for such an upload and then where to upload the file to the proper place. This is the problem. Do you now understand the problem?

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Listen, you guys are technically way ahead of me. How do I convert an mp3 file into a sf3 file3. Once I do that I think I'll figure out how to load it onto Musescore. I just downloaded Polyphone, but that dosen't seem to be any sort of help. Anyone want to try and handhold me here?

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There is not a straightforward "convert to mp3 to sf2" command any more than there is one to for example, to a Microsoft Word file and convert it to a video of the text being displayed while someone reads it. But it is indeed possible to accomplish the job, and I understand that Polyphone is a program that can help. Probably better to ask for help on their forums, though.

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