Split Bar has wrong rest

• Oct 19, 2018 - 19:04

i'm having a problem where split bars have the wrong value of rests when there's nothing else in the bar. So one part has for example a quaver the other parts show as having a two crotchet rest, though the split bar value is only one quaver.
I corrected this by putting in a quaver note when I cut the note it inserted a quaver rest which was incorrect and could be copied into all the other wrong bars. The other half of the split bar had 3 quaver value but ended up with a two crotchet rest.


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here is a more specific example, shows 2 bars before and after the split and then with the repeat marks added. And finally after correction

I have found a fix, it was just slightly embarrassing because after about 12 bars of playing we were all out of sync.

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Glad you got it all sorted.
(With 15 pages and 141 measures it would be clearer if you specified precisely what part of the score - stating the measure numbers - you illustrate with your 4 examples.
I think I see other problems too, like where the end repeat in measure 120 of variation 5 is supposed to refer - i.e which start repeat.)

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thank you for your reply
Its very confusing. you can't calculate how much to rest at that sort of Speed. Normally for that kind of rest we should be counting four quavers not one. For most of the pieces we play a rest like that would be four crotchets. I see this as a program bug.

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