Musescore fonts in Inkscape or Writer?

• Nov 7, 2018 - 19:03

Hello dear List!

I was wondering if it is possible to use Bravura or Emmentaler as a "normal" font, when in Inkscape or Office, (LibreOffice Writer in my case), I'm using Musescore 2.3.2 on Ubuntu Studio 18.04.1 LTS.

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By the way, I installed it with the following method:

If you need the fonts to be available system-wide, you'll need to copy them to /usr/local/share/fonts and reboot (or manually rebuild the font cache with fc-cache -f -v).

You can confirm they are installed correctly by running fc-list | grep ""

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As mentioned I don't have installed this font ;-) - maybe someday.
I don't using Ubuntu, but OpenSuse. There it's enough to copy it to the correct usr folder for OpenType fonts for using a font system wide.
Do you have installed any font viewer on your system? Most fonts contains special unicode characters, maybe search for inserting they.

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My understanding is that there are music versions of both bravura and emmantaler. It appears you have not found the music version. People who have the non-music version installed on their computers at times have problems with MuseScore as a result. I can't find THE discussion that make this clear but I did find several references searching recent posts.

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I installed the Bravura and BravuraText files, and with the correct unicode the symbols appear, but I find that a complete working-flow killer, must be a better way ...

What I would really like, is to drag and drop symbols from musescore into inkscape some how, through a pallette ... for now I do an "Image Capture" as an svg, of what I want, save it, and import.

Is there a better method? should be, right?

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It seems to me (not a programmer) that MuseScore does not use the system clipboard so copying to and from Musescore does not work. I have copied between different 2.x versions (like 2.1 and 2.3.2) but not between 2.x and 3.0. This is probably because a different version of QT was used for the interfaces and the internal structure of the two programs changed enough.

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Hi Marc! Thank you for your suggestion. However I'm not trying to edit the font, but rather have easy access to the symbols that are available in Musescore. So, for example, if I have prepared a score in Musescore, but I need to further edit in Inkscape, and I have forgotten to insert a silence, or a dynamic or if I have come up with a new idea, I usually have to go to Musescore and make an image capture of the desired symbol, save as .svg, then import in inkscape.
In the long run this is rather cumbersome. I was wondering if there is a way to have easier access to the symbols offered in Musescore, Is this possible? I thought of using them as text, do you know of an easier way?
Many thanks in advance!

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I usually import images in musescore, however, sometimes I need to achieve some things that I find easier to (or to my knowledge not yet possible in musescore) do in Inkscape at the moment, for example:

  • have Staff type changes on the same instrument,
  • use special lines and be able to manipulate them, e.g. arrows,
  • Graphical Notation
  • Change symbols size (sometimes I do this in musescore inserting the symbol as text)
  • Manipulate svg, flip images, change colors, etc.

Hence my question regarding whether there is an easier way to import the symbols offered in musescore to inkscape ... would be awesome to have a "graphical editing mode" in Musescore! :D

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Not sure how you are using Inkscape to get around the lack of staff type change midscore, but it's not particularly difficult to achieve that effect in MuseScore already, and it's easier in MuseScore 3, so as long as you're creating experimental notation anyhow and talking about features for the future, might be worth trying out MuseScore 3 builds.

Anyhow, everything else you describe is definitely going to be way easier if you design the graphics in Inkscape and then copy them over to MuseScore. Feel free to post an example to help us understand better, but I'm 99% sure you get results just as good or better with much less effort that way.

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