Arrowheads for lines

• Feb 24, 2011 - 11:23

I have wanted to create lines with arrowheads in my music. Ideally the arrowhead could be attached to either a straight line or a curved line (slur).


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There are a few situations I'd like to use arrowheads. I use MuseScore to create Schenker graphs for music analysis. Arrows are useful symbols to indicate voice leading or to highlight a connection between two pitches separated in time. I also use arrows in my own compositions to indicate aleatoric events that continue through other structural points. Or, for instance, in one of my pieces, I want to indicate for the cellist to move from sul tasto to sul pont over the course of 20".
It's very clear with an arrow: sul tasto ------------> sul pont.

I also think arrows are such standard symbols in contemporary notation that they can be adapted to many different uses.

You can see some examples of arrows in one of my pieces here:

Another use of arrows is to indicate that two parts split from one staff to two, or merge from two staffs to one, at the end of a system. This is done by positioning a pair of diagonal arrows at the end of the staff(s) either coming together or separating. I currently use diverging or converging lines for this, but arrows are the "standard" way of doing this and their meaning is clearer.

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On missing glyphs Gonville and Emmentaler should fall back to using Bravura glyphs. Don't they?
Anyway, using these arrows from Bravura in a score that otherwise uses Gonville or Emmentaler is also possible

But feel free to submit a feature request in the issue tracker for those glyphs to get added. One request per font please, as it most likely is different people doing them.


Is this possible yet? Cant seem to find how to do it ... I usually end up editing a 60-80% finished score made in musescore in inkscape after exporting to svg, so in musescore I add simple lines, then in inkscape I add the arrowheads...

If one could do this directly in musescore it would be great indeed!

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You mean by adding a line, then dragging an arrow from the symbol pallete, and moving it to the tip of the line? If this is so, any minor modification to the score would mess up the alignment, and making this alignment perfect takes so much time, wouldn't it be easier to have a drop list with available arrows? just as the hook i mean.

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