Musescore 2.3.2 is laggy

• Nov 13, 2018 - 11:43

My score in musescore takes like 20 seconds to start up, and placing notes is starting to get laggy. How do I fix this? Image of score is attached.


Have you the MDL extension installed? If so: be lucky that it is just 20 seconds...

Ah, no, I see, this looks like a very large score, those are know to slow down MuseScore 2. Split the score into smaller chunks, movements

If it becomes really unbearable, consider giving MuseScore 3 a try (but I strongly suggest that you keep a backup copy of your score before anything). Alpha 2 is not bug free but the lags have been fixed and are just bad memories now.

For large multi-movement pieces I always use different files for each movement. If a movement starts getting laggy, I select several empty measures, all staves and use Save Selection... and save it as something like Movement II (workspace).mscz. I then use that file to enter notes, lyrics and any other staff specific items. I find a logical break point, copy what I've entered into the main score and add any system items (like tempos and rehearsal marks) to the main score. The biggest problem with this method is that tiem and key signatures do not copy, so you will need to insert time signatures before you paste to prevent unwanted ties from being created when you fix it. I also insert key signatures before I paste to prevent courtesy accidentals from being removed when I change the key signature.

Even in large scores where there is an attacca, I still put the movements in their own files. It makes management of the movements easier for me. Unfortunately Shostakovitch's 11th is still under copyright so I cant upload the movements to show how I handled the ties between movements, but I basically use the same idea as

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