Da capo with counter (for playback)

• Dec 18, 2018 - 16:05

I have a score with multiple verses. Unfortunately I cannot use repeat bars to specify the verses, because I already need repeat bars for the chorus, which has two different endings.
So I use a da capo al Segno, which works fine for the first verse - but I find no way to tell this da capo multiple times (as it is possible for a normal repeat bar).
In principle I need something like:
C1, C2, V1, C2, V2, C2, V3, C2, Ending
With C1, C2: chorus 1 and 2, and V1..V3 verse 1..3
Is there a different way to specify a behaviour like this?
Of course this only applies to the playback - for the printed sheet everything is fine...


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Well, in this case I would need to write down C1 and C2 separately. And then I could use simple repeat bars, no need for jumps.
But the score is actually written as a chorus with repeat bar, having 2 different endings, the 2nd ending leading to the verses. The D.S. jumps back to the beginning of the chorus and playback ignores the repeat correctly. But the jump only applies once, not 3 times as I would wish...

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I'm assuming the verse is several measures long and the same every time, so a volta to skip it would not be normal. The D.S. would only be taken the final time, then would go to the same place as the repeat, but would skip the verse. If some of the final measures of chorus 2 are different the last time, you can move the "to Coda" forward a few measures and write them at the beginning of the coda before the ending.

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The one thing I can't overcome is that the chorus is played twice in your version and there are 3 verses. It's also unclear where the chorus actually ends and the verses start from looking at what you notated.

The verses starting in the middle of the measure can be overcome easily if you truly intend them them to always start on beat 2 as you have shown. Well... Verse 2 shows starting on the upbeat of 2, that's rather difficult to overcome, but not impossible. If I were singing, I wouldn't be sure what to do to start verse 2.

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Not sure whether you wanted chorus1-2 every time or not and if it needed the chorus repeat at the end as well.

Playback of the attached in MS2.2+:
Intro, Chorus1&2, Verse 1, Chorus1&2, Verse2, Chorus1&2, Verse3, Chorus1&ChorusCoda

What I did:
1. Remove the DS and the segno
2. Make the end of the verse an end repeat barline
3. Update volta repeatlist properties
4. Update m13 & m24 repeat counts

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I did not know that I can set a 2nd repeat-ending that applies to the same repeat-beginning.
Unfortunately now the chorus is repeated each time. The goal is: only repeat the first time, the following times only play into volta 2.
And now I see, how this can be achieved: I changed the volta 1 to "1", volta 2 to "2,3,4" and everything is fine.

About the "to coda" jump: how does this jump work? I only saw this as part of D.S., but never in the way that you have used it. How does it know, when to apply?

Just a minor drawback: I tried this score from my phone (Android): this program does not apply the jump to the ending... but ok - this is really exotic.

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Finally I understood how it works: the "to coda" has no real effect...
The solution is to set the repeat count of the 2nd repeat-bar one higher than the 2nd volta. So the last repeat during playback looks for a volta "5" (that does not exist) and therefore continues after the second repeat bar. Simple, if it's clear how it functions...

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