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• Dec 18, 2018 - 11:58

I've been working with custom chords xml file for quite some time, and yet, I still scratch my head when something goes weird. I'm afraid my herpes zoster is coming back because of that. lol. Here's the thing: every time I need to do some repair in the xml file, I have to: 1-save the music with any different chord style available and apply the changes, 2-choose the xml style i'm working on and save it again, 4- close the program, 5- open it again and voila - my newer changes are there now. It took me a good amount of time to figure that out, but that's Ok. Now, the problem - my custom chord xml is working like a charm in musescore v.2, but it refuses to cooperate in v.3. Some changes are there but others, not. Please, anybody could explain what is going on with this weirdness? I'll provide the files later if needed. Thanks.


And this image below is the weirdest thing that happened so far. Both Chords were typed F#m7(11). Consider that the custom "m" is a glyph I added to the font, because I simply don't like to read a chord with a "M" upper case kind of.

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Update: in one of my several tries, I ended up changing the xml version numbers.
" ?xml version="3.0" encoding="UTF-8"? "
" museScore version="3.0.0" "
I wonder if it has anything to do with my problem. After I changed it back to the original number, which was "1", everything started to work again. I probably did something stupid here...

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Maybe try testing by editing the score itself (save as MSCX). The whole custom chord facility is there for advanced users who don't mind hacking, but it's not really "supported" because we know it isn't easy and the details may well change. Some day I do hope to see us add a user interface o allow these sort of customizations more directly.

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