Small thing about the add instruments window and a keyboard shortcut request.

• Dec 21, 2018 - 14:16

Hi, i noticed that when you open the add instruments interface, when creating the score and also to add to an existing score, the cursor is by default placed in the instrument type list instead of the search function. This may sound stupid but you can start typing without having to click anything in the interface and add the instrument by pressing enter, its a small annoyance but i am guessing is easy to fix it?
Also i wanted to ask if its possible to add a new shortcut for cautionary accidentals, i have been working with contemporary classical music lately and need to use a lot of cautionary accidentals, it would be so much easier if i could just press a key and have the correct accidental added automatically. I have added custom shortcut to accidentals but it would be much easier with a automatic shortcut.


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Once i'm done parsing the Shortcuts table that MuseScore uses, and converting to a spreadsheet, it will be easier for the devs, and possibly users, to update and maybe add shortcuts, with perhaps a little tweaking to the code. I've noticed some errors and omissions that have made the Shortcut list (in the Preferences window) a little out of whack (altho i did not see an Action for toggling courtesy accidentals).

So hang in there!

In general, it is important that keyboard control of dialog make sense for blind users, and you can use tab to move from one field to the next. I'm not sure we aren't already doing that?

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