Printing parts - Line Breaks isn't working?

• May 19, 2012 - 21:54

When I use line breaks, and then create parts......only the 1st part comes out with the line breaks. The subsequent parts have all the measures jammed together and I have to go through and redo all the line breaks. How do I get ALL four parts to be created with the line breaks set up in the score? Thanks.


I don't think you do, nor would one normally want this. it would be incredibly unusual for all parts to come out exactly the same in terms of measure widths. Consider, one part might be just whole notes or rests and be able to fit 10 measures on a line, another part might be all sixteenths and only be able to fit 2 measures per line.

Assuming you didn't tamper with your stretch settings when creating the score, and you have also left your basic music spacing setting at a reaosnable value, your parts should look pretty good right out of the box - they shouldn't be "jammed together" unless you had deliberately reduced the stretch or music spacing settings. I find I rarely need to add line breaks at all in my generated parts. if you are finding otherwise, posting a sample would help.

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Folks should have a line break option where parts follow line breaks.

In a lot of cases, it is much easier for the ensemble to all have line breaks so that you can go to line 5 rather trying to find measure 23.

Also, in a collection you may want individual sections to start on one line for all parts.

The best solution I found is to use the Create->Instruments reorder option to change each part to the #1 position before exporting the part. That retains the line breaks for the parts but is a bit of a PITA. Part extraction could be a lot more automated than it is...

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See my comment above. I've played or conducted literally thousands of arrangements and doubt that I've see parts arranged this way more than handful of times if at all. Maybe in music for elementary school ensembles, I guess? Anyhow, no way should this be the default. But if there were a way to set a special optional "hard" line break that applied to parts as well, that would be fine.

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I realize it is not that common. My ensemble typically is playing hymns from a multi-part two-staff score. We have grown accustomed to all being in the same place on the same line.

The "optional hard line break" also facilitates swapping between parts with your neighbor mid-verse if both parts are formatted identically.

And for large collections you can easily move between songs ("Page 2, song b" instead of "Go find song b").

I don't know if this is relavent to 'line breaks' but I am trying to start a new section of my piece on a new line, that is, moving it from where it is into the space below. I can't work out how to do that. i assumed it was what line break was but when I try to move the symbol to the point where I want the new line of music to go it just seems to jig the music around abit but won't move it to where I want it. I am trying to write a page of studies - 6 pieces within a page - so I need to start a new one on a new line. Any ideas?

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