Horizontal Offset of multiple notes within same measure

• Jan 1, 2019 - 09:04

Hello, hoping someone can help me out in solving an issue. I'm creating four note chords in a measure and by default the notes line up horizontally. I'm trying to offset the notes enough so that I can put a fingering above individual notes and it would be easier for me to read. Is there anyway to make this automatic or a faster way then moving each individual element over X amount of times in the inspector? This way takes forever and I also run into the issue of the ledger line stretching instead of moving with the note.

I understand you can move the entire thing by adjusting the 'Chord' settings in the inspector; but this moves all of the notes. I've attached a screenshot of the result i'm trying to get. The left measure of the picture shows the default and the right is after i moved the notes manually and i'm hoping there is a quicker way or a plugin. Thanks!

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I just prefer the fingerings displayed up top; but that's not the major issue. I'm more concerned about being able to offset the notes. Not sure what you mean about the voices; each note isn't supposed to be it's own voice. The reason i'm wanting to offset them is because in later sections i'll be having many different changing chords and if they are stacked straight up and down it's harder for me to read.

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If you have 4 notes in each chord, lets number the notes 1 - 4 starting at the bottom. You can select each #1 note one at a time by click the first note the ctrl+click each note after it. You can then move all #1 notes at the same time in the inspector, since you likely need to move each one the same amount. You can repeat the process for the #2 and # 3 notes and leave the #4 notes alone. This will give you the stair step pattern to the chords you are looking for. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about the elongated ledger lines. Once you have a chord set up like this, you can copy and paste and the offsets should be kept. To change pitches within the chord you must use arrows combinations because pressing a note name will replace all existing notes and ruin the offsets you made.

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