MuseScore 3 section break / clef

• Jan 10, 2019 - 10:19


I have opened several MuseScore 2 files in the new MuseScore 3, and I noticed that some extra (little) clefs appeared in my files.

It happens with files that contain multiple short pieces in different clefs (a cappella reading lessons). In MuseScore 2, I finished all short pieces with a section break, then eventually placed a new clef.

See attached image.

I would appreciate any help :-) Thank you !

(and anyway, I love MuseScore 3 ! Bravo to the team !)

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My best guess is the way you entered the clef for #3. You entered a specific clef to start number 3, which was not necessary because it was already in bass clef. If you "delete" the "extra" clef at the start of #3, you will see MuseScore respond like it did something (like mark the score a dirty by putting an * after the name in the tab). This can also be "undone." I put all of these in quotes because MuseScore acknowledges that you did these actions even though nothing visual happened. I would say this is related to the album feature. It seems there is no corruption if you manually remove these extra clefs in version 3. I'll leave it to Jojo or another programmer to decide if this can be fixed.

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