Order of strings in TS file vs Transifex

• Jan 14, 2019 - 10:36

Hello everyone
Is there any link between the order of strings in the TS file and the order of strings in Transifex? Are they in the same order? What happens when new strings are added to the source TS file -- do they get added onto the end of the list in Transifex or do they get added in the same location as in the TS file? Is there anyone here with the technical know-how that can give a definitive answer to this?


I believe (and am fairly certain) they are in the same order. New string might get added anywhere. It is the 'lupdate' step that does it and it just scans all sources in a certain order and merges all the strings into one resource, for mscore/musescore (and tours, to some extent, but not for instruments, where there is only one source).
So, and that is what I think your questins aims at, the strings' numbers as shown on Transifex can change

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No, actually I reviewed 1000 translations offline and wanted to know of they would match up with the 1000 first segments (apart from segments added after I downloaded the TS file).

I had also checked if maybe it would be possible to add the Transifex segment numbers to the TS file somehow (in a way that TS allows), but since that would be something that is added by Transifex after the file is uploaded to Transifex, it appears to me that that would be a feature that one would have to request of the Transifex devs.

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