Playback of single part

• Jan 15, 2019 - 00:27

On the PC version 2.3 if I create a SATB score and then create 4 Parts, I will get 4 parts and 5 tabs. Tab 1 will be the full score, Tab 2 S, Tab 3 A etc...
If I select Tab 2 which is S and I click play, then only that single part plays and the same with each tab. I can listen to that part alone and within the specific part fix any anomaly's and they are reflected in the score.

On the Mac V3. I do exactly the same, however when I click play the WHOLE 4 parts play.

I know that I could probably play around with the mixer and playback just one part, it is a bit of an inconvenience, especially when I am writing for full band.

Does anyone know if there is an on/off button somewhere to turn off playing all parts?



I'm having the same issue. In MuseScore 2, when you clicked on the tab to display a particular part and then pressed the play button, it would just play that specific part. However, I just downloaded MuseScore 3, and it always plays back all instruments even when my screen is displaying a specific part. It's a bit annoying to have to go into the mixer each time to change the settings if I want to hear one particular part.

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