Score slows down, goes out of tune, and constant static throughout.

• Jan 16, 2019 - 04:54

I just started having this issue recently. I've been on musescore for a few years, and this has never happened. I have gone through all of the other forums, and nothing has worked. Some things I've done:
-Factory Reset
-Change reverb on synthesizer
-restarting musescore
-installing multiple different soundfonts
-reinstalling musescore soundfont
-change volume on synthesizer
-ran ONLY musescore while watching activity monitor
-memory pressure fine, 9 GB of ram still left
-cpu usage was at about 10 percent, 85 percent idle
I have no idea what left to do. I recently updated to Musescore3 (today, actually), and have the same issue as musescore2.

My system specs:
Mac mini (Late 2012)
Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics (probably doesn't matter but...): Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB

Would love some help.
This is the score I'm doing.

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Seems to work fine fine on my system, which isn't nearly as powerful. Do you maybe have the volume turned up too high in View / Synthesizer and are getting clipping? Or any you using some non-default soundfonts? It is the case that you have a lot of unisons in the same instrument, which by the very nature of how most synthesizers generate sound (playing back samples) is going to lead to audio artifacts, but thoese won't affect tempo 0 it will just have the characteristic "phasing" effect that all synths have always experienced when playing unisons.

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I have the default musescore soundfont on my computer, and my synth settings don't change anything, no matter how low I set it. Even if there is phasing, the part that affects me most is whenever there is a lot going on it becomes unlistenable, with just a ton of static and the music goes awry in tone, tempo, and pitch. It has never happened before.

I can also reproduce the slowdown and static on my self-built Windows 32 bit MuseScore. For me, it happens reproducably at exactly the same places every time (i.e. measure 5, second beat, second 16th, for example). Building Release or RelWithDebInfo significantly improves the problem, or even fixes it, but sometimes for no obvious reason the Debug build also suddenly fixes itself.

EDIT: I do not have to touch any of the synth settings at all.

I just built MuseScore from the newest master, and I can reproduce the stuttering with the score attached above. It seems to be exactly the same issue I saw too. I thought it was a case of MSVC vs MinGW at the time, because I started having problems about when I switched to MSVC. On which OS are you?

I can also reproduce with the score attached below, which I downloaded from an issue / forum post a while back, but I can't find the original now.

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You should already have an even better version in that regard if you downloaded the program from somewhere and installed it. A debug build means that the program is slower so that it contains more information for programmers to use to search for faults. The config which normally ships is called Release and is optimised for speed and size in memory by default. You should have a release build installed already.

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