Can I make a volta into a Fine?

• Jul 5, 2016 - 13:50
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I found this odd notation. At the end of the form, there is a "DS al Fine". The song goes through Volta 1 the first time but, after the "DS al Fine", it goes to the "Fine" volta and ends. Is this supported? I can render it (visually) by renaming a Volta 2 to Fine, but how can I get it played?

I think I can easily change it in a Coda, but I was trying to be faithful to the original.


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This is my first post - thank you all for your ongoing MuseScore efforts!

My goal is to produce a bass vocal practice score that is true to the published score (which we all have.) This one cam up in Missa Criolla Kyrie.

Similar to Diego, I am having problems with a "Fine" within a volta - pretty much the same structure posted by Diego:
A (segno) B [Volta1] || [Volta2 incl "Fine"] || C (incl. DS al Fine at end)
Should play:
A B Volta1 C B Volta2
An interesting observation is that if Volta2 is open, playing stops at Volta1.
When Volta2 is closed, it is skipped, and the "Fine" is apparently missed (plays to end of score).

The attached file demonstrates the volta-closed behavior.

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jojo-Schmitz - Thanks for your efforts... My problem is this endeavor is based on producing a bass vocal practice score (playback captured in a video) that matches the published score so the bass singers are looking at what they will see during the performance. I'm gathering the published score (with Segno jump rather than repeat and "Fine" within Volta 2) will not play back in the current Muse Score...

Is this worthy of adding to the "wish list."

I believe we have been misinterpreting this issue. As a test, I moved the "Fine" into Volta 1, and play stopped - the "Fine" inside a Volta IS recognized. The real problem is that Volta 2 is never played. Maybe the Volta count doesn't get incremented in a jump (versus a repeat). I will start a different thread, since this is a different issue from the original post.