Error Code 413

• Jan 28, 2019 - 03:26

Hi I am trying to send my score [] to YouTube. Since I have certain soundfonts in use, I have to upload an MP3 file of my score. When I get to the send to YouTube tab, I upload the file just fine, but when I click the Send button, the page gives me and error code [413] which means request entity too large. Is there any way to fix this? I made one forum topic about this issue and was turned away and told to go to Improving MuseScore, but no one there has responded to that one. Also, this is a bug with the website, and should be reported here as well as anywhere else. If you aren't going to attend to this bug, then what is the point of this forum?

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Maybe @Thomas can intervene for you. They should help you at improving MuseScore. Thomas has some pull and should now see this post.

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